esd- Protocol Stack per SAE J1939

J1939 Protocol Stack -
SAE J1939 Support for esd CAN Boards and SoC with CAN Support


  • All SAE J1939 communication mechanisms supported (except bridge function)
  • Full support for the transport protocols (‘TP-BAM’/‘TP-CM’) to transmit larger blocks of data
  • Quick software development due to convenient functions: e.g. sending PGN data, automatically done by transport protocol when necessary, callback functions for incoming requests

  • Automatic handling of address claiming procedures by callback functions: all four address configuration types possible.
  • Pre-filtering of messages according to PGN and source address
  • Parallel communication with several ECUs
  • Support of cyclic transmission of PGN data
  • Support for multiple physical CAN ports
  • Support for multiple logical devices on the same physical CAN port
  • Source code license also available:

                    - Easy adaptation to other target systems due to modular structure of  
                      the J1939 protocol with well defined abstraction layers
                    - Written in ANSI-C
                    - For big/little endian systems, CPU independent
                    - Many settings can be adapted to the requirements of the application and 
                      the available hardware resources by simple configuration files at compile time

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by TriplaW