SNMP Management Suite (SNMP MS) is the original network management SNMP-OPC server software developed specifically for the industrial controls marketplace. SNMP MS seamlessly integrates monitoring and analyzing of both SNMP-managed and unmanaged Ethernet network devices into the leading human-machine interface (HMI) software packages.

  • Real-time network analysis
  • Power supply management
  • Unmanaged device monitoring
  • SNMP network analyst
  • SNMP MIB template generator
  • Tag filtering
  • Pre-built tag databases
  • SNMP traps support
  • Unmanaged device support
  • Auto-discovery

Part Numbers:
  • SNMP data server, basic, OPC version 2.0, up to 50 devices

  • SNMP data server, expert, OPC version 2.0, up to 50 devices
  • with network analyst and template generator

  • SNMP data server, enterprise, OPC version 2.0, unlimited devices
  • with network agent

by TriplaW